ServiceTrac Offers Marketing and Survey Services

Building on an impressive run of 7 medical billing company acquisitions over the past 48 months, ServiceTrac, has moved to broaden its value added solutions by ServiceTRAC, Inc. of Phoenix, Arizona.

For over 18 years ServiceTRAC has been a leading provider of sales training, satisfaction research and consulting services for the long term care, housing and senior living industries.

“For several months ServiceTrac  and ServiceTRAC have been collaborating on the development of a powerful and versatile “LIVE Connections™” data collection and reporting platform, revolutionizing the way companies manage everything from paper forms and surveys to customer service and sales coaching” said William Nowell, President and Founder of ServiceTRAC. “The LIVE Connections process facilitates real changes in performance and results by linking training, compliance, accountability and results into a real time Performance Improvement system” said Nowell.

“As we worked together on the LIVE Connections project, the synergies between our two organizations became increasingly evident,” said ServiceTrac  “We believe LIVE Connections is exactly what medical providers and other organizations need to efficiently capture and measure the compliance, quality and satisfaction indicators required in the outcomes-based reimbursement models in the Affordable Care Act” said Carns.

“This is a great fit for my clients and my staff” says Nowell. “We needed access to more technology, more capital and a broader client base. Joining forces with ServiceTrac satisfies all of those requirements, and does so by partnering with an organization we already know and trust”.

Carns described the acquisition as another step in the company’s quest to be a leading provider of comprehensive healthcare management services. “In this era of healthcare reform, providers need experienced, trusted advisors who can deliver a broad selection of services and technology. With this acquisition, ServiceTrac is in a stronger position to serve providers of all types, including ACO’s, Medical Homes and other integrated delivery systems.”