Marketing/Customer Engagement

Nurture relationships and increase stakeholder loyalty

Comprehensive Marketing Services

SeriveTrac offers comprehensive marketing services and strategies to help your company reach potential clients and keep in touch with current ones.

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Measure Satisfaction and Remain Top of Mind

In today’s highly competitive environment, establishing systems to measure satisfaction and remain top of mind is key to increasing client volume and building relationships.

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Engage New Prospects and Nurture Stakeholder Relationships

Whether the interest is developing custom campaigns to increase occupancy, managing a large scale message initiative, or targeting current residents and family members, we have the expertise to accomplish your goals.

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Marketing Management

Let us take over your marketing efforts so you can focus on your clients.

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  • Resident and Family Member Engagement

    Maximize your resident and family member outreach with consistent and personalized messages across multiple channels. We act as your company liaison, rolling out effective resident engagement campaigns.

  • Robust Marketing Solutions

    Increase referral outreach with innovative programs, campaign design and management, and assistance with budgets, calendars and reporting. Our Integrated Solutions include satisfaction surveys and client email campaigns, such as appointment follow ups, health tips, and special occasions.

  • Online Marketing Services

    Gain valuable online marketing assistance with website development and optimization, Search Engine Optimization (SEO), social media services, and online check-in/portal setup.

  • Marketing Automation

    Implement automated marketing campaigns in conjunction with our team to ensure your campaign is always running, including email campaigns, lead generation, lead scoring and CRM.

ServiceTrac offers a platform of resident engagement and marketing services specifically designed for communities and organizations to attract new residents while nurturing existing relationships. From our robust satisfaction programs to our comprehensive marketing strategies, we have the tools to maintain and grow your business.

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