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Employee Engagement

Is Your Workforce Engaged?

An engaged workforce is a successful workforce. Do you know if your workforce is giving you their best?  Are they satisfied with their work, their management, their environment?  Are you creating a workforce that delights your residents and their family members?

PracticeMax Employee Surveys are designed to get to the root of these and many other questions.  Find out how your company is doing and compare your results to other assisted living companies.

Employee Survey Types:   Annual Surveys      New Hire Surveys      Exit Surveys     Quarterly Surveys

Flexible Delivery Methods:   Paper      Phone      Email      Kiosk      Tablet      Hybrid

Follow Up:   Action Plans      Focus Groups      Communication Strategies

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Resident Satisfaction

Are your residents satisfied?  Are they willing to recommend you?

For 20 years PracticeMax has been a leader in providing resident satisfaction feedback for Independent Living centers through our ServiceTrac division.  See why hundreds of communities rely on PracticeMax to help them improve satisfaction.

Compare yourself to the competition with robust industry benchmarks

Take advantage of diverse delivery methods (Paper, Phone, Online, Kiosk, multi-lingual)

See user friendly community level reports and powerful corporate reports

Customize the survey questions and the survey process to meet the needs of your residents



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Our Story

20 Years Leading of Serving Independent Living Communities

For 20 years, ServiceTrac, a division of PracticeMax, has been a leader in providing tools and resources to help Independent Living companies increase occupancy through reducing turnover and increasing referrals.  Having conducted hundreds of thousands of resident surveys over the years, we know Independent Living residents like no one else.

ServiceTrac joined the PracticeMax family of companies in 2013.  Since that time we have made a significant investment into our survey tools and technology.  With the introduction of MaxIntel, ServiceTrac now offers the most robust reporting platform available in the industry.  Looking back at the rich history of ServiceTrac, we could not be more excited about the future.

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  • Satisfaction Research

    Turn data into actionable intelligence

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  • Business Intelligence

    Actionable business intelligence fueled by web-based reporting

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  • Marketing/Patient Engagement

    Nurture relationships and increase stakeholder loyalty

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MaxIntel is our reporting and data visualization tool that provides quick and easy access to survey results.  Have the ability to see community or corporate level information at the click of a button.  Whether you have one Independent Living community or hundreds, you will have all of the information you need to make good decisions and improve care.


Our survey process, MaxInsight, utilizes cutting edge technology and years of experience to deliver surveys in a variety of tested and effective methods. We can deploy surveys via mail, email, kiosk, phone, tablet, text or just about any delivery method you can imagine.  Our MyOpinionCounts response system ensures the best response rates in the Assisted Living industry.  Let us help create a personalized system to meet your needs.

Increase Resident Referrals

Not only are we leaders in understanding your residents’ willingness to recommend, but PracticeMax is a leader in driving recommendations. Through communication plans, outreach campaigns and ongoing automation programs, we have a system that will increase referrals and maximize your best resources for new business.

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