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Resident Satisfaction

Are your residents satisfied?  Are they willing to recommend you?

For 27 years, ServiceTrac has been a leader in providing resident satisfaction feedback for Assisted Living centers through our ServiceTrac division. The reasons why thousands of Assisted Living centers rely on ServiceTrac to help them improve resident satisfaction:

Compare yourself to the competition with robust industry benchmarks

Take advantage of diverse delivery methods, including paper, phone, online, kiosk and multi-lingual

See user-friendly community level reports and powerful corporate reports

Customize the survey questions and the survey process to meet the needs of your residents


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Do the Family members of your residents trust you?  Do they recommend you?

ServiceTrac has conducted family member surveys for hundreds of locations and has a robust database of comparative data. Our expectation scale gets to the heart of what family members expect as well as whether or not they are satisfied.  We have developed advanced hybrid deployment methods allowing for maximum response rates.  You need to know what family members are thinking and we have the tools to help you find out.

Paper and online deployment options collectively provide the best response rates

Personalized communications with family member names and community information

Phone surveys    Ongoing Surveys    Memory Care Surveys    Focus Groups

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Employee Engagement

Is Your Workforce Engaged?

An engaged workforce is a successful workforce. Do you know if your workforce is giving you their best?  Are they satisfied with their work, their management, their environment?  Are you creating a workforce that delights your residents and their family members?

ServiceTrac Employee surveys are designed to get to the root of these and many other questions.  Find out how you are doing and compare your results to other assisted living companies.

Employee Survey Types:   Annual Surveys      New Hire Surveys      Exit Surveys     Quarterly Surveys

Flexible Delivery Methods:   Paper      Phone      Email      Kiosk      Tablet      Hybrid

Follow Up:   Action Plans      Focus Groups      Communication Strategies

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  • Satisfaction Research

    Turn data into actionable intelligence

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  • Business Intelligence

    Actionable business intelligence fueled by web-based reporting

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Multi-site Experts

ServiceTrac provides services to some of the largest Long Term Care organizations in the country, including our satisfaction research services.  With enterprise solutions for large organizations and personal attention for small and single location organizations, we have something to fit every need and every budget.

Are you asking the Core-Q

Did you know that AHCA/NCAL has adopted a set of core questions that will allow all Skilled Nursing facilities to share important industry benchmarks? ServiceTrac was a pilot tester for this program and has special reports and programs for taking advantage of the Core Q.  Ask about our Core Q program today!

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