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Actionable business intelligence fueled by web-based reporting

Turn Data into Actionable Intelligence

MaxIntel is our easy to use reporting platform. Use MaxIntel to support decision making and discover meaningful facts and figures to boost your center's performance.

Easy Access to Vital Information

Our reporting solutions help senior living centers across the country to gain insight into business trends. Our proprietary reporting system delivers accurate and timely reporting, along with the ability to view specific data for your center using easy filters.

Actionable Discoveries

Use proactive monitoring technology to discover key metrics, identify trends, and keep your center on track.


  • Easy Access to More Information

    Hover over functions allow you to view more information about a point of interest on a chart instead of toggling between the chart and data.

  • Denial Monitoring

    Robust denial monitoring feature provides analysis on denials by payer, denial reasons, number of denied claims and percentage of total claims.

  • Summary View

    The comprehensive and easy to read Summary View page is an overview of important indicators. User can quickly identify trends and potential issues.

  • Filter and Sort Data

    Easy-to-use filter and sort functions make it simple for users to ask questions of their data and gain valuable insights.

Web based reporting to boost your company's performance.

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Gain valuable customer service and satisfaction awareness with direct access to MaxInsights.

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