School Districts

Optimize revenue, reduce costs, measure and monitor satisfaction and productivity among students and faculty

Why PracticeMax

Maximize SPED services revenue and compliance with PracticeMax DSC

Reduce Administrative and Operational Costs for Your School District

Increase HIPAA Compliance      Increase DSC Revenue with Improved Documentation

Hands-on Customer Service and Training      Comprehensive Audit Assistance

Our comprehensive, hands on approach enables SPED programs to optimize financial performance by reducing unneeded costs and improving clinical documentation, reporting and other operational efficiencies.

We offer a Special Education Student Management System that is fully integrated with our proprietary claiming and collections service.

Our web based reporting platform helps measure and monitor provider productivity, resource utilization, revenue and more.

Our Solutions


Stay on top of your School District’s financial health with actionable business intelligence available through web based reporting

Reporting and data visualization tool

Get quick and easy access to vital practice information such as aging, denials activity and trends

Data is grouped by payer, location and providers

Easy to use sort and filter features

Explore additional data such as satisfaction survey results and quality information

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Stakeholder Feedback

Monitor and nurture your stakeholder relationships

Improve quality of care and satisfaction through reliable benchmarking, flexible survey deployment and actionable reporting

Satisfaction research services, tools and business intelligence to help your organization make better decisions

Our Expectation Survey is designed so that organizations can assess and understand what drives key stakeholder satisfaction

Experience designing solutions for a multitude of School Districts stakeholders

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  • Satisfaction Research

    Turn data into actionable intelligence

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  • Marketing/Customer Engagement

    Nurture relationships and increase stakeholder loyalty

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  • Compliance

    Reduce risk, optimize processes and boost reimbursement

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MaxIntel is our reporting and data visualization tool that provides quick and easy access to vital practice information such as aging, denials activity and trends.


Business intelligence including MaxInsight survey results, using multiple data points based on MaxInsight and other analytic data, we are able to see which areas of your Business need the most attention and help keep a pulse on the Business


Our Integrated Solutions include satisfaction surveys and patient email campaigns, such as appointment follow ups, health tips, and special occasions.

We provide research, consulting and strategic action plans to achieve the best solutions for your district. We also offer listening groups to make sure we understand all of your needs and concerns.

Stakeholder Feedback

We offer solutions that allow you to monitor and track key stakeholder satisfaction levels and feedback. Let us customize a feedback and survey program for your school district today!

“PracticeMax is a huge improvement over our old system and enables a number of things schools could not provide before. Claims are edited before submission to look for errors such as eligibility lapses or missing diagnosis codes. Also, service logs are stored electronically so any future auditing will not require sorting through countless paper files.”

John | Ph. D, Director of Student Services Unified School District

“Although some of my providers were initially skeptical, now that we’re using PracticeMax and their electronic health record system, my providers have more time to spend with our students. In addition, they love having access to their IEP service logs no matter where they are, 24 hours a day.”

Melissa | Ph.D, Director of Special Education, Elementary School District

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