Reduce risk, optimize processes and boost reimbursement

Leading Compliance Services

We understand that Compliance, HIPAA and adherence to the latest regulation is serious business for medical practices with serious consequences including fines and in some cases jail time. That’s why our compliance resources are led by the Chief Compliance Officer at PracticeMax.

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Multidisciplinary Approach

Our compliance services are grounded in a unique, multidisciplinary approach that integrates regulatory, financial and operational analysis into a well balanced, global perspective.

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Compliance with the latest regulations and preparation for future guidelines and paradigm shifts.

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Cost effective solutions that minimize risk exposure.

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Solutions that adhere to operational policies.

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  • Attorneys on Staff

    We have attorneys on staff to help clients with compliance testing, plan development and implementation, coding and chart audits, security risk assessments and reducing overall regulatory risk.

  • Optimal Compliance Services

    Obtain optimal development and implementation of a comprehensive compliance program, audits and evaluation, compliance monitoring, training and education, enforcement, response and prevention.

    Our compliance services also include practice development encompassing ASC, IDTF, CORF and Telemedicine

  • Industry Standards

    Submit claims that are compliant with industry standards:
    • HIPAA Security Risk Assessments designed to meet EHR Regulatory Requirements
    • Federal and State Licensure and Accreditation
    • Maintaining HIPAA compliance and preparing for future HIPAA related issues
    • Learn how to prepare for an audit

  • Reduced Risk of Audit

    Attain solutions that reduce risk of audit, optimize reimbursement and minimize costs through both short and long term strategic planning.

PracticeMax’s compliance services are designed to optimize reimbursement and minimize costs through short and long term strategic planning.

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Reduce risk, optimize processes and boost reimbursement

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