The Power of Customer Reviews

When people search your community online, how do they see you? Are the reviews negative or positive? Do those handful of negative comments accurately portray your community’s level of care? In many instances, the resident experience is much better than what is portrayed online.

Today, your online reputation is one of the most important aspects of your business. With 92% of people looking at local reviews before visiting an establishment and 87% of consumers saying online reviews impact their purchasing decisions, it’s essential to manage your online reputation.

In this post, we’ll give you strategies for managing your online reputation in the coming year, so you can share how good you really are and increase occupancy.

Drive happy customers toward review sites, and unhappy customers toward customer service

If your family members or residents aren’t leaving reviews, it may because you’re not asking them to. 77% of people would leave a review if asked. When conducting online surveys with ServiceTrac, you can ask a global perception question like, “would you recommend this community to others?” or, “how satisfied are you with this community?” If their answer indicates they would leave a positive review, ServiceTrac can then direct the respondent to review platforms to share their feedback publicly. If the feedback is negative, ServiceTrac can set up an email alert to notify your team to follow-up and close the loop privately without them spreading negative comments around the community or internet.

Highlight customer reviews on your website

Customer reviews create social proof and, with ServiceTrac you can highlight relevant reviews on your homepage or testimonials page. The 5 Star Review tool compiles data from your ServiceTrac Surveys and presents it to prospective clients in a simple easy to read five-star plugin on your website. This tool gives those looking for customer reviews the most accurate and fair picture of your property because it is coming from the whole population. The bias that exists in many review sites goes away when everybody has an equal opportunity to participate. This is a simple affordable way to make your community stand out from the others and to put yourself in a fair light.

Start managing your online reputation with ServiceTrac