Find Deeper Insight With Your Demographic Data

Have you ever noticed on LinkedIn or Facebook that the ads seem to be built just for you? The same question applies for television shows. You wouldn’t expect to see children’s toy commercials while watching The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, or beer commercials while watching Saturday morning cartoons.

Market researchers use demographic information to segment audiences and to discover hidden trends, allowing them to focus the message. Within senior living we should do the same!

A business that applies the “lets throw it out to everyone and hope something sticks” method typically are not in business for very long. Marketing, Sales, Operations, Dining Services, Activities and every other department should be segmenting their customer profiles to better understand trends, behavior and preferences to more efficiently serve those customers.

ServiceTrac Reporting – Demographics Report

Within the ServiceTrac online reporting system you can filter your survey results by demographic information asked as survey questions, or, by tying the survey data to demographic information you already have about your residents.  The demographic details can be provided to ServiceTrac prior to the surveys being sent, removing the need to ask those questions on the survey.

In seconds you can filter your survey results by several demographic factors to better understand specific populations within your communities, giving you a competitive advantage above other communities. And “voila” you are a research professional!

Demographic Information Clients Have Found Useful

Here’s some examples of what our clients have found by filtering demographic information. One client found that the married men in their communities did not like the activities as much as the widowers. Another group found that the food service was very popular among new residents but not among long-time residents . There are countless opportunities to get into specific ways to improve. 

Here’s a list of some of the most common demographic details that our clients find useful: Age, Length of Stay, Gender, Marital Status, Payer Type, BIMS Score, Referral Source, for short stay skilled nursing centers use Referring Hospital, Procedure, Provider…etc.

Consider ways you might want to segment the data and make sure you have a plan to include that in your next survey project.

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