Key Differences between Expectation and Satisfaction Surveys

Only when you understand your stakeholder’s values and expectations do you truly understand what’s important to them. Expectation research surveys from ServiceTrac do exactly that; these surveys allow business managers to delve deeper into the wants, needs, values, and expectations of their stakeholders. Expectation surveys can help these business managers to accurately pin point what the business needs to do in order to be successful.

Contrary to customer satisfaction surveys, expectation surveys from ServiceTrac focus on the initial expectations of the customer and use those expectations to measure how successful the business is. Customer satisfaction surveys, on the other hand, tend to focus on how effectively the service was provided, while skirting the true purpose of surveying the customer: to determine the actual success of the business and the service they have provided.

Nonetheless, most businesses use customer satisfaction surveys to attempt to measure how successful they are at achieving the needs of their clients. However, by using ServiceTrac’s comprehensive Expectation-Based Survey Tool, business managers can instead get a more accurate measurement on how successful the business is at meeting the customer’s expectations.