5 Ways Expectation Surveys can Benefit your Senior Living Facility

Expectation surveys provided by ServiceTrac are formulated to provide your senior living facility with the most helpful and informational results possible. Different than customer satisfaction surveys, expectation surveys are directly focused on the achievement of customers’ expectations. The relevant feedback gained through expectation surveys can be beneficial to your senior living facility in five central ways:

  1. Meeting the Needs of Residents

Expectation surveys will allow you to get a unique look at how effectively your senior living facility has been meeting the needs of its residents. These surveys give residents the opportunity to rate your facility in specific categories that range from overall cleanliness of the facility to the abilities of various staff. Analyzing these findings will provide a measure of how successful your community has been at meeting the needs of its residents.

  1. Giving Residents a Voice

Administering expectation surveys to residents gives them a voice to be heard by. In turn, they will feel like you care about them and their opinions. Even if you aren’t able to accommodate the wishes of every single resident, giving them a medium to express those wishes will make your facility seem more interested in the person behind the payment rather than the payment itself. However, this does not mean it is okay to disregard the feedback of your residents. If you choose to ignore comments, instead of being dubbed a personable, likable facility, your senior living facility may gain a negative reputation for pretending to care.

  1. Motivating the Staff

Having a motivated, effective staff is one of the most important assets in your facility’s success, and ServiceTrac’s expectation surveys can help you achieve that. One way that you can use your expectation survey to motivate staff is by offering bonuses or benefits for high satisfaction scores in different departments. Additionally, if there are specific positive comments about certain staff members, you can read these aloud during a staff meeting to give them individual praise for their hard work. Through these steps, your staff will soon realize the importance of keeping residents happy, which will directly translate to higher quality services.

  1. Using Negative Feedback to Improve

After getting the results of your expectation surveys, it is important to know how to use them to benefit your senior living facility. You may have negative results in certain areas. Don’t worry; although you don’t want negative ratings, this is not the end of the world. Opt to spend your time working to fix those areas to build a strong foundation for your facility. Doing so will make your facility better and keep your residents pleased.

  1. Turning Good into Great

In addition to the negative results, it is important to look at the positive results and to use them to increase the quality of your senior living facility. Although this may seem counterintuitive at first, positive ratings can give you a path to build upon as you improve your facility. You have to consciously ask yourself “How can I use this information to make my facility better?” You can use positive survey results to determine what to expand upon in the business. By expanding in popular areas, your facility can grow in value for both staff and residents. By addressing popular results as well as negative results, you will be able to make happy residents and their families even happier.


In the end, ServiceTrac’s expectation surveys provide numerous benefits to your senior living facility. From providing insightful information to all aspects of your facility to motivating employees and giving residents a voice, these expectation surveys are sure to be beneficial.

For more information or to begin using surveys for your community, contact us today!