Employee Engagement

Measure What Matters Most, When It Matters Most.

Dynamic Filters Create Powerful analysis

Easy to use filters allow anyone in your organization to ask questions and find answers. View data visually for fast interpretation.

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Compare Yourself to the Competition

Benchmarks allow you to compare your results to the industry.
Powerful driver analysis allows you to know what is driving satisfaction in your communities.

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Make Every Comment Count

Survey comments become actionable through dynamic word clouds that allow you to understand hundreds of comments in seconds.

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We facilitate posting reviews from satisfied employees directly to sites like Jobstreet, LinkedIn, Facebook and more!

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Five Star Rating Program

Showcase your survey results on your Google profile and website with the five-star rating program.

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  • Expectation & Engagement

    Our surveys are designed to help you make better decisions. We don’t just ask how satisfied someone is, we get to the root of why they are satisfied.

    · Employee Engagement Survey
    · New Hire Survey
    · Employee Exit Survey

  • Diverse Delivery Methods

    Flexible deployment methods allow you to reach your target audience wherever they are. We offer multi-method deployment plans to maximize response rates.

    - Phone
    - Email
    - Smart Phone
    - Tablet
    - Online
    - Text Messaging

  • Participation

    Our pre-survey process involves direct communication with you to discover the ways we can personalize your survey process to maximize participation and meet your goals. We offer a robust program to help maximize response rate including promotional flyers, pre-survey management workshops and reward raffle programs.

"Holiday serves more than 30,000 residents every day in more than 300 locations. Keeping tuned into their satisfaction and the various drivers prompting them to remain our customers is of critical importance. ServicTrac built a customized survey experience for Holiday and deployed it to all our communities – they managed everything from start to finish over a three month time frame. What’s more, the analysis and insights they offered has enabled our executive team to draw a strategic roadmap to improve service consistency, quality and value to the benefit of our residents. I would recommend ServiceTrac to any company trying to make an impact on their business."

Kai Hsiao | President & CEO | Holiday Retirement

For the past three years we have engaged ServiceTrac to develop, manage and analyze our resident, family and team member satisfaction surveys. We have found ServiceTrac’s system to be the most efficient and the easiest to use. ServiceTrac has given us a great team each year. They become part of our team and are invested in making each survey run smoothly and efficiently. Where we have new team members due to growth or current members wanting a refresher ServiceTrac provides valuable training seminars for setup, process and follow up.

Lawrence P. Rugar | VP, Corporate Risk Management | Spectrum Retirement

"Genesis HealthCare uses ServiceTrac for all its direct customer satisfaction research – for skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living. ServiceTrac is a leader in incorporating the CoreQ satisfaction questions, an AHCA Quality Initiative, for all SNF and AL survey types. Incorporating new analytic platforms allows users to ask and answer questions with ease and send any graphical display to a pdf for printing. Genesis HealthCare takes this option to full advantage by sharing physician, hospital, payor and ACO information to use in analysis of results. ServiceTrac has been very attentive to our Company’s needs – both in terms of survey content and report displays, and also in adapting effectively to our decentralized organizational structure. Their design team has quickly and effectively integrated feedback to produce a highly user-friendly web-based reporting system. The team has responded quickly to requests for data in a variety of formats and has developed some innovative solutions to help both Center staff and Regional Managers ask and answer important questions about our customers’ experiences. ServiceTrac has helped our Company elevate the importance of customer feedback and make it relevant everyday, not just during a report period. Genesis HealthCare values the partnership with ServiceTrac as it builds a robust platform to collect data and deliver knowledge about our long-term care customers’ experiences."

Mary Tess Crotty | VP, Quality Management | Genesis HealthCare

For 27 years, ServiceTrac, a division of Practicemax, has been a recognized leader in providing tools and resources to companies in the US when it comes to employee engagement. Our expectation survey program leads the way in improving employee engagement and helping organizations understand what drives stakeholder satisfaction.

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