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Go Beyond CAHPS with CAHPS+

CAHPS Approved Survey Vendor

CMS has certified ServiceTrac as one of only a few Consumer Assessment of Health Care Providers and Systems (CAHPS) certified vendors.

Go Beyond CAHPS with CAHPS+

Here at ServiceTrac, we do not just administer the survey, we offer CAHPS+ that allows you to get the most out of your CAHPS data.


  • CAHPS Survey Tool Belt

    In our large tool belt of survey types, we have the ability to conduct the following surveys:
    • Hospital CAHPS
    • Nursing Home CAHPS
    • Clinical Group CAHPS
    • Emergency Room CAHPS
    • In-Center Hemodialysis CAHPS
    • Home Health Care CAHPS
    • Hospice CAHPS

  • Actionable Intelligence

    Make better and more informed decisions using our dynamic reporting and data visualization tool, MaxIntel. This valuable tool provides actionable business intelligence that allows organizations to make immediate changes to improve patient care and stakeholder satisfaction.

  • Customizable Survey Questions

    CAHPS surveys are designed to capture and evaluate consumer and patient experiences with health care. We are able to deliver customizable survey questions along with CAHPS questions to help you better understand and assess key stakeholder satisfaction.

  • Ongoing Support

    We pride ourselves on close relationships with our clients. Our team of survey professionals provide ongoing support and daily reports to help you achieve growth and success.

"Holiday serves more than 30,000 residents every day in more than 300 locations. Keeping tuned into their satisfaction and the various drivers prompting them to remain our customers is of critical importance. ServicTrac built a customized survey experience for Holiday and deployed it to all our communities – they managed everything from start to finish over a three month time frame. What’s more, the analysis and insights they offered has enabled our executive team to draw a strategic roadmap to improve service consistency, quality and value to the benefit of our residents. I would recommend ServiceTrac to any company trying to make an impact on their business."

Kai Hsiao | President & CEO | Holiday Retirement

"Genesis HealthCare uses ServiceTrac for all its direct customer satisfaction research – for skilled nursing, assisted living and independent living. ServiceTrac is a leader in incorporating the CoreQ satisfaction questions, an AHCA Quality Initiative, for all SNF and AL survey types. Incorporating new analytic platforms allows users to ask and answer questions with ease and send any graphical display to a pdf for printing. Genesis HealthCare takes this option to full advantage by sharing physician, hospital, payor and ACO information to use in analysis of results. ServiceTrac has been very attentive to our Company’s needs – both in terms of survey content and report displays, and also in adapting effectively to our decentralized organizational structure. Their design team has quickly and effectively integrated feedback to produce a highly user-friendly web-based reporting system. The team has responded quickly to requests for data in a variety of formats and has developed some innovative solutions to help both Center staff and Regional Managers ask and answer important questions about our customers’ experiences. ServiceTrac has helped our Company elevate the importance of customer feedback and make it relevant everyday, not just during a report period. Genesis HealthCare values the partnership with ServiceTrac as it builds a robust platform to collect data and deliver knowledge about our long-term care customers’ experiences."

Mary Tess Crotty | VP, Quality Management | Genesis HealthCare

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